The pre-arrival form filled out by your guest is an essential tool for collecting key information about the party you are about to host. As such, being able to customize the form to fit your particular business requirements is a welcome level of flexibility provided by the Hostfully Platform.

We'll outline in the following steps on how to customize your pre-arrival form and retrieve the data provided by the guests.

Creating the custom fields

Head to you Template and Triggers page, then select the Custom Data tab, then the Pre-Arrival Form sub-tab. There is a 255 character limit on the field name:

How the form will appear to your guests

Guests will see the form either during the payment flow on Hostfully, or if you send them a custom email asking to fill out the form. See this article on how to set up Pre-Arrival forms as part of your booking flow.

This is how the Pre-Arrival form will look to guests, with (at the bottom) the custom fields we just created:

At the moment, you cannot modify the default form but you can add more fields to it to request additional information from guest.

Monitoring the submitted Pre-Arrival forms

You can easily see which guests filled out their pre-arrival form by looking at the little green check mark on the pipeline, for each of the bookings:

Retrieving the data

In order to retrieve the content of the form, you can either see it in your Edit Lead window or by pulling a Logistics Report. For this, just click on the Reports menu, then the Logistics Reports tab, click on View as CSV, and download the XLSX file:  

You can then open the XLSX file with your favorite spreadsheet editor. Below we used Google Spreadsheets. The custom fields will be appended at the end of the file:

To retrieve the uploaded documents that your guests provided, please check the Stay Details tab of the reservation and find the files under the "Identification Documents URL":

Please let us know if you have any question via pop-up chat on the page's bottom, or via email to

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