NOTE: This is for customers using the Stripe payment processor only

(Pre-authorization of the amount lasts only for 7 days. After 7 days, the pre-authorization will expire. You will have the ability to attempt to charge the card for the security deposit after this time, but the amount will no longer be on reserve.)

Property managers can select to not charge guests the amount of the security deposit, and rather use credit card "pre-authorization" charges. This approach gives property managers the right to capture the full amount or part of the security deposit after the guest's stay. This approach is generally preferred by travellers and as such, should be able to increase your booking conversion.

Note that this feature is only supported on the Hostfully channel (and Hostfully Booking Widget or Hostfully Booking APIs).

Turning on Pre-Authorization Charges

In order to turn on Pre-Authorization charges, head to the Agency Settings page and click the box "Use pre-authorization charges for Security Deposits", then click the Update button:

How Security Deposits will now appear

When creating bookings on the calendar, you will now notice that security deposits will still show below the price table but will not be computed into the total amount:

On the payment page, Security Deposits will also show below the totals and the guests will be able to see the amount and note that this is only a pre-authorized charge:

Capturing a charge from the Security Deposit

In the unlikely event that you need to charge part of the total security deposit, navigate to the Order view page for the particular booking (Edit Lead > View Order), and you will see the following options: 

  • 1  - this is the amount of the pre-authorized security deposit
  • 2 - same amount confirmed in the pre-authorization section
  • 3 - in order to capture a charge, click on the "Charge" link
  • 4 -  in the text field below, enter the amount you want to capture and click "Confirm Charge" to process the transaction. Note that you will not be able to charge an amount higher than the pre-authorized amount.

Once the charge has been processed, a new sub-section will appear in the Order page, with a Transaction of type "Security Deposit Charge", a transaction ID and the amount which was captured:

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