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NOTE: This is for customers using the Stripe payment processors only and only works on your direct bookings site. No other channels.

The "Additional charge option" is located on the Agency Settings tab at the bottom of the page. Checking this will prompt a 7 day preauthorization. That's right, only 7 days. A lot of times a guest will book 30-60 days before arrival date. This means the pre authorization is likely no longer in tact and is not guaranteed. You have the option to try to charge, but the payment may decline. That is the risk with using this feature.

PMs can make a choice if this option is better for them than collecting a security deposit on their direct booking website.

Enabling the Additional Charge Option

In order to turn on the "additional charge option", head to the Agency Settings page and click the box "

How the Additional Charge Option Works

Both the additional charge option & security deposit use the same field of “Security Deposit” in the property’s main settings. If you don’t activate the “Additional Charge Option” in Agency Settings, the value in the security deposit field will be applied to all channels and a security deposit will actually be collected. However, if you activate the “Additional Charge Option”:

  • The security deposit will not be collected for reservations on the direct booking site and 7 day pre authorization will be applied for that amount instead (as explained above).

  • All other API channels still have Security Deposit

For example, if I enabled the additional charge option, entered $500 in the security deposit field in main settings for this property, a $500 security deposit would be charged on all API connected sites except the direct bookings site. The direct booking site would not charge a $500 security deposit and instead follow the additional charge option flow explained at the top of this article.

How it looks to the PM:

Within the lead, the additional charge option will show as security deposit (since that is guest facing), but it is actually the additional charge option and not computed into the total amount.

On the view order page you will see this as an additional charge option since this is only internal facing.

Further down on the view order page you will see the Additional Charge Option and a hyperlink to attempt to charge the guest if you need to.

How it looks to the Guest:

In this example, the guest will still see the $500 as a Pre Authorized Security Deposit in the checkout flow and on the guest portal and not know the pre authorization only lasts for 7 days.

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