The Hostfully Platform provides a way for property managers to white label their listing pages, where guests can search and book rentals. These pages can display your company's custom branding and also allow you to use you own custom domain in the URL. For example, if your web domain if, you could create a subdomain like and have this URL be used on the Hostfully website. 

Now, because these allow guest to book and pay online, these pages require to be secured and be served over https (TLS protocol). Because Hostfully does not host your TLS certificate, securing this page means that you will have to use a TLS proxy, such as Cloudflare. Note that there are other TLS proxies out there but Cloudflare is the one we recommend at this point.

Setting up Cloudflare to work with the Hostfully Platform

  • 3- Make Cloudflare your domains DNS server by login into your domain's registrar and apply the changes suggested by Cloudflare:

  • 4- On your domain registrar (GoDaddy, NameCheap etc), add the new nameservers:

  • 5- Cloudflare might send you an email message in order to validate your change. Click the acceptance link in their email to proceed.

  • 6- Create a CNAME record for your domain and make it point to - for example, create a subdomain "pms" and the URL will point to your white-labelled version of Hostfully:

  • 7- Force SSL/TLS encryption

On Cloudflare's SSL/TLS tab, make sure the encryption level is set to Full:

  • 8- Click the Save to make it pass through Cloudflare.

On Hostfully's Agency Settings > White Label tab, add this custom url as your Custom Domain Name:

Important note. The prefix must be https and not http. Otherwise it will cause errors.

Checking that set-up is correct: (replace " with your own website domain name)

Alternative options for setting up secured access

Hostfully can provide help setting up secured access for customers willing to set up a Professional Services engagement.

A common error a webpage will show when a service like cloudflare is needed is - Privacy Error - Your connection is not private

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