By popular demand,  guidebook platform subscribers now have the ability to add custom list items to the checkout cards in their guidebooks.

Previously the only way to add custom content was by filling out the rich text field.  The first line of this field shows up visibly under the header "Additional check-out information" but this list item needed to be clicked to show the rest of the info.  While this is quite useful in the case where rich text is necessary to show pictures or video, generally the main need for custom checkout items is simply to add another item to the exiting list of tasks to complete.

Now you can do this.

When creating or editing a checkout card, subscribers will see a section under the list of pre-generated checkout options and checkboxes labelled "Custom Checkout Items"

Using this section, you can generate new items that will show up on the checkout card simply and visibly just like the pre-generated options.

To add new checkout items, just click the "Add a checkout item" button and fill out the form that appears.

You will need a name for the item, the basic instructions for what the guest should do before checkout, and you can choose an icon.

once you save this form, don't forget to also save the checkout card itself!

You can add as many or as few of these custom checkout items as you wish, and can re-order them as you like.

These custom items will show up near the top of your checkout card, just below the "additional checkout information" item if you have entered anything in that field.


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