Steps For Hosts Using Only Guidebooks

Before beginning, keep in mind the Marketplace only works with a published Guidebook, and requires a Power Host or higher subscription.

1- Log-in to Hostfully Guidebook

2- Click Marketplace on the left navigation bar to setup the Marketplace

3- Complete the first step of the setup - Creating an Agency: 

  • Enter company name

  • Click “Establish Connection”

4- Complete the second step - Creating a Default Service Provider

  • Enter first name, last name, email. 

  • Click “Create Provider”

5- Complete the third step - Connecting to stripe

  • Click “Connect with Stripe”

  • Follow prompts within stripe to connect a new or existing stripe account to your Guidebook

6- Click the “marketplace items” tab to create a Marketplace Item

7- Click the brown "+"  on the “no data” list item, or use the one on the bottom right

  • Complete the required information (title, item type, provider, description, and any optional information). Currency setting can be done in the Providers tab upon creating a new provider clicking +

  • Add an image if you want

8- Assign this item to your chosen Guidebook

9- When you preview the guidebook you'll be able to see the Marketplace

Your guest will be able to see the marketplace items you created after accessing the Marketplace tab

If the guest wants to purchase the item and clicks it, a dialog box will pop up with the complete details of the service along with a “Purchase Now” button

A new tab with a checkout form for the service you clicked with a “Confirm & Continue” button will follow. 

Your guest can then complete the transaction. Afterwards, you should receive a confirmation email like this for the purchase(s):

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