Steps For Hosts Using The Property Management Platform (PMP)

Before beginning, keep in mind the following:

-The Marketplace only works with a published Guidebook and requires a Power Host or higher subscription.

-The only payment processor that works with this feature is Stripe.

1- Log-in to Hostfully's PMP

2- On the drop-down arrow, to the right of your Agency Name, find Integrations

  • Click the “ON” switch next to the Hostfully Guidebooks integration.

3- Click on the link to the Hostfully management console. You'll be automatically logged into the guidebook platform on a new tab. 

4- On the PMP imports page click the import button next to the property you created back in the PMP

5- Scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “Save and publish”

Note: You may still (if you don't have this type of Guidebook subscription) need to upgrade your Guidebooks account to Power Host or Higher. 

To do that: 

  • Click icon in upper right and select “Manage Account”

  • On following page click “Upgrade Account”

  • Follow the prompts to submit the necessary payments

6- Click Marketplace on the left navigation bar to setup the Marketplace

7- Complete the second step - Creating a Default Service Provider

  • Enter first name, last name, email. 

  • Click “Create Provider”

8- Complete the third step - Connecting to Stripe

  • Click “Connect with Stripe”

  • Follow prompts within stripe to connect a new or existing stripe account to your Guidebook

9- Return to the PMP, open the drop down by your Agency Name, and click on Agency Settings

  • Under the Service Providers tab, check if the Service Provider you create in your Guidebooks is listed

10- Create a service for this new provider.

  • Click the provider's name

  • Click “Add service” on the page that loads to create a service for this provider

  • Fill out any information to create the service

  • Verify that the service shows up in the list to the right once saved

11- Return to the Guidebooks Platform, refresh each page, and verify that the connection to Stripe is active, and ensure your Providers and Services are listed

12- Assign any of your service items to your chosen Guidebook(s)

13- When you preview Guidebooks you'll be able to see the Marketplace:

Your guest will be able to see the marketplace items you created after accessing the Marketplace tab

If the guest wants to purchase the item and clicks it, a dialog box will pop up with the complete details of the service along with a “Purchase Now” button

A new tab with a checkout form for the service you clicked with a “Confirm & Continue” button will follow.

Your guest can then complete the transaction

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