Who can use this feature and what languages are supported?

Any paid subscriber to the Guidebook Platform has access to this feature.  Currently, the Guidebook Platform supports translation into the following languages:

Chinese (Traditional)




More languages will be added in the future as well.

How do I support these languages on my guidebook(s)?

To enable an additional language on your guidebook, you need follow these basic steps, further detailed below:

  1. Enable the language on the guidebook itself.

  2. Enable the language on any cards with user-generated text you wish to translate.

  3. Fill in the translations for the user-generated text on each card.

How do I view my guidebook in another language once it has been translated?

we've got another article for that - how to select a language

How do I enable the language on the guidebook itself?

This part's real easy and you probably already found it - edit the guidebook itself, scroll down to the section labelled "Settings"  and select the language you wish to add.

Don't forget to save!

This will enable automatic translation of all of the system text for your guidebook, and even cards that do not have the language specifically enabled will be translated in this way.  System text includes anything that you didn't type yourself... things like menu items, headings, categories, all of that stuff.

How do I enable a language on individual cards?

This is basically the same.  Edit the card you wish to enable translation for and select the language you wish to add.   As stated above, the system text will already be translated based on the guidebook settings, but this will enable the ability to add translations to any of the user-generated text on each card.

How do I fill in translations for user-generated fields on each card?

Once a new language is enabled for a card.  You'll see that each of these fields will now have separate tabs for each language and the original text is on the "English" tab.

You can now simply fill in the appropriate translations for each field and each additional language.  (Examples below)

Save the card when you're done!!

What if i notice some mis-translated information in the system text?

Please let us know!   We're happy to adjust our translations.   you can contact us at support@hostfully.com

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