Similar to the custom recommendation categories added earlier this year, custom house manual categories are now available to Guidebook Platform users with a Power Host subscription or higher.

Watch the video below to see how to use them!

For those that would rather read a quick description of how to do this, follow these steps.

  1. log into your host dashboard at
  2. click the categories tab
  3. click the + . in the bottom right to create a new category
  4. give the category a title and translate that title as appropriate
  5. choose "House Manual Cards" from the "Category Type" dropdown
  6. choose an icon and a color, and save the category

You can now add house manual cards to this category by following these steps:

  1. Edit your house manual card or create a new one
  2. in the area where it says "Choose a house manual category" choose the category you wish for this card to appear on.
  3. Save the card.

That's it!

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