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In many situations, property managers get a booking that they later need to attribute back to a channel. A simple example for this case if a migration from another Property Management Platform / Software where you need to flag bookings with channel attribution after the data import.

However, in the other case, where the bookings are Vrbo platform ones, mapping/attribution isn’t needed because Vrbo’s platform payment processor will continue to handle that booking through completion. You will only need to block the dates in Hostfully to manage availability, or create manual bookings without attributing them back to Vrbo.

For Vrbo, the way to attribute the channel source is done by editing the booking, and from the Data tab, just click the box "Attribute this booking to Vrbo", as below:


  • Attributing is to be done if the reservation should exist in Vrbo but doesn't. If the reservation already exists in Vrbo, attributing the manual lead in Hostfully to Vrbo will result in Vrbo double-charging the commission on your end.

  • To un-attribute mistakingly attributed bookings, it depends

    • If no BUS (Booking Update Service) has run, changing booking source helps

      • In case of PMs who are still onboarding with Vrbo, and initial BUS is yet to run.

    • If BUS did run, please reach out to Hostfully Customer Support for help cancelling and updating last updated date.

      • If PMs already onboarded with Vrbo, then it should fall into this case.

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