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Hostfully requires that you have a Premium account to use the API, as our team  provides API support to developers building on top of our platform.

Getting your API Key

To locate your API key, go to your Agency Settings page, and find the field API Key:

Exporting your data

Once you have your API key, you can use any API tool to call the API. A common tool for API calling is Postman. Our API documentation can be found on the Hostfully Developer Portal, at As per the documentation, the system does enforce API quotas to prevent abuses.

The simplest way to make API calls is to use the command line terminal you have on your operating system. The simplest tool to use to test API calls is CURL, which should come pre-installed with your operating system. The data format returned by our server will be in JSON.

Examples of API calls

  • Downloading your property data:


  • Downloading your guest data:


In the examples above, you would need to replace the sections <YOUR_API_KEY> with your own API key, and <YOUR_AGENCY_UID> with your own agency ID.

You can find your agency UID at the bottom of the Agency Settings page.

Capturing the CURL output into a file

There are plenty of examples on the web that will show you how to capture the CURL data output to a file. See for example:

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