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Most of the process during setup is driven by the timeline of the booking platforms. 

Timeline for Importing Property Data from Airbnb:

Vrbo (HomeAway)

Vrbo (HomeAway) Timeline for Establishing a Full API Sync is 7-10 days.

It includes:

  1. Turn on HomeAway Channel in Hostfully. This sends an automatic notification to HomeAway via Hostfully.
  2. For instant integration, you can just go live immediately
  3. For slow integration, A HomeAway representative will contact you within 2-3 days to start the process
  4. Typically the process with HomeAway takes 7+ days for slow integration.
  5. Vrbo Help documentation

The process for setting up typically takes 3 to 5 weeks. 

It includes:

  • Setup account and listings in
  • Choose Hostfully as channel manager
  • Hostfully accepts responsibility as channel manager
  • You will get an email from asking you to validate the channel manager selection as Hostfully
  • You will need to go to and click the button there to activate this from within
  • After you’ve activated in You will need to turn on the sync from Hostfully platform
  • There will be a waiting period after this step where your listings may not be live, and you may need to wait 2-3 days before the full sync is activated and your listings are live.
  • Help documentation 

Process for Setup (3 to 5 weeks)

  • TripAdvisor will email you within about a week to get started
  • Follow the steps that TripAdvisor advises, including choosing Hostfully as the channel manager within TripAdvisor
  • TripAdvisor Help documentation 
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