Importing Property Data

Without good property data, even the best platform won’t work well. 

There are three sources from which you can gather property data for the Property Management Platform. These include:

  1. Importing Property Data from Airbnb (Click the link for directions.)

  2. Manually inputting data

  3. Sending data export from another property management system

Importing Data from Airbnb

You can do a one-time import of property data from Airbnb. This will make a copy of your property data from Airbnb and the data will be sent via API. 

Please note that this is a one-time import. If you do not set up an API sync between Hostfully and Airbnb, the data set will not synchronize. This means if you make a change in one of the systems, it will not update in the other.

Please also note that this step needs to be done prior to synchronizing reservations data, otherwise you risk erasing data in Airbnb because Hostfully will overwrite property data with blank (missing) data.

Manually Input Data

Depending on your situation, you can choose to manually input property data into the Property Management Platform. Make sure to enter in data for all the fields with a red asterisk, because that data is required. 

Please also pay attention to data fields where a bookings channel icon is present - those are requirements for that booking channel to work properly. If you do not enter data into those fields, then the sync may not work or you may be listed lower in the search results because the booking channel uses this data to determine the quality of your listing information.

Importing data from another PMS

In some cases, property managers can export data from another property management software. 

If the data is exported into a standard Hostfully format, then Hostfully can import this data at no charge.

However, if additional work is needed to reformat the data or do a custom data import, that would require Hostfully Professional Services.

Link to Help Article about Professional Services:

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