The Property Management Platform is very powerful and has many features. It is important to consider a variety of aspects of your business when onboarding, so that you correctly configure your settings to work best for your business.

Below are a list of questions that you should cover with your Onboarding Specialist:

Questions to consider during set up:

  • Are you already using another PMS to manage property data? 

  • What is the system of record for your property data? 

  • Do you have any inactive properties? 

  • Are you using certain channels for only some of your properties? 

  • Do you have any special fees by property? 

  • Are you the owner of these properties? 

  • If you are not the owner of your properties, do you want to give calendar and reporting access to the owners you work with? 

  • Who is the main point of contact at your company who will manage property details? 

Special circumstances if you're using Airbnb:

  • Are you a Co-Host? 

  • Are any of your listings Airbnb Plus? 

  • Do any of your properties require a master / sub-unit structure?  (This is where one listing has smaller listings “inside”, so that when the smaller listing is booked, the larger listing needs to be blocked. We call this a “parent-child relationship” for listings.)

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