For within 15-20 reservations, we recommend inputting the reservations by "Add Lead" on the platform because it would be the fastest way.

For over 20 reservations, we recommend importing reservations using a .csv file, which our team at can help. More details on how to do it here: Reservation Import Instructions

Importing reservations by iCal is the last resort and not recommended because reservations imported by iCal may be prone to template trigger errors, so you will need to send custom templates (for example, Welcome email, Check-in instructions...) manually in Inbox or by your email.

 To consider:

  1. What is the current ‘system of record’ for your reservations data?

  2. This is where you keep your most complete set of reservation data

  3. Do you want to migrate this data to the Hostfully platform? 

  4. There may be an additional cost for data migration.

  5. Who will be auditing the reservations data import after that work has been completed?

iCal Imports

  • iCal data import must be done before turning on the full sync with channels

  • You do not need to do iCal imports for Airbnb because when you turn on the Airbnb full sync, all existing reservations will come in. Airbnb is the only channel that does this. 

  • Imported reservations data will appear in your central calendar on the Hostfully platform.

  • iCal data includes limited information: booking dates, property name, and often times (but not always) guest name.

  • An iCal import does not include fees/payment details.

After you import iCal data, you can manually edit that data, including:

  • Entering total fees, guest data, and more

  • Modifying the notes section to include special instructions for your team that pertain to the reservation

  • We highly recommend that you do an audit of reservations that have been imported via iCal as a final step


  • If you are currently using a PMS…

  • You must get an iCal link from your PMS to collect the current/existing reservations data. This imported data will be shown as direct bookings (vs. channel-specific) in the Hostfully calendar.

  • If you are not using a PMS…

  • You can do a one-time iCal import from and/or TripAdvisor and/or Vrbo to bring in existing reservations data, which will be displayed in the calendar with the correct color assignment for that channel. 

Do not do this until after your Onboarding call. For booking channels in which you will be setting up the full API sync, we recommend you do a 1-time iCal import for existing bookings. Do not keep the iCal synced. 

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