The Hostfully Property Management Platform is a software platform used by vacation rental property managers to facilitate bookings in their short term rentals. In all, Hostfully managers control 14,000 properties globally.

The Hostfully Marketplace is a place where property managers can choose from a set of local additional services and offers to add to their vacation rental experience the listing provides to travelers. Once a service is listed in the marketplace, vacation rental companies can select from offers in the appropriate geographic area to add to the booking.

How the Hostfully Marketplace can help you earn more from local vacation rental travelers

Businesses can take advantage of the Hostfully Marketplace to reach the more than 800 millions of travelers each year staying in vacation rentals. This is an opportunity for local businesses to claim their share of the expanding market that companies including Airbnb have created.

How it works

Local businesses can register on the Hostfully Marketplace as a Service Provider. Once registered, you will be able to accept purchases from travelers with your Stripe merchant account.

To increase your chance of being merchandized by local property management companies, we strongly recommend that you actively reach out to companies in your area to let them know that you've joined the marketplace. It is also helpful to suggest the services that would best appeal to vacation rental travelers. 

Examples of Services

Below are a few examples of popular services and offers that vacation rental travelers are likely to buy. These are not guidelines but rather examples to spark inspiration. 

Example 1: Grocery Delivery / Private Chef Service

Vacation rental travelers are frequently staying in homes and responsible for providing their own meals. This includes grocery shopping, planning, cooking, and clean up. One of the most-requested services are related to this need. Local businesses can offer a range of services including:

  • Meal planning service

  • Grocery delivery

  • Meal prep

  • Chef's service

  • Clean up

Example 2: Mid-Stay Cleaning

Before arrival, all vacation rental management companies will make sure that the unit is clean. But when travelers stay for several days, they often appreciate an extra cleaning or two during the middle of their stay. Examples of cleaning packages could include:

  • Mid-stay deep cleaning

  • Mid-stay express cleaning (1-2 hours)

Example 3: Equipment Rental, Guided Tours

For local tours and activities operators, the Hostfully Marketplace is an opportunity for you to market your business through a new channel. This can be a more direct and effective method to capture new clientele not previously reached. Examples are heavily dependent on the geographic region and traveler expectations for their trip. Some examples include:

  • Kayak or boat rental 

  • Ski / snowboard equipment rental

  • Guided walking tour

  • Whale watching tour

How to register yourself as a Service Provider to access the Marketplace:

On the initial screen, please choose a login email and a password to register your account: 

You will then be able to provide some basic information about your business:

Define the main service you're planning to sell on our platform. You will later have the opportunity to add other services on your account:

The Commission Rate is the percentage of the service cost you agree to pay back to the property manager showing your service on their payment flow.

On the next step, please click the Connect button to connect your Stripe account. This is the way Hostfully will automatically disburse payments to your bank account when a customer buys your service:

Clicking "Connect" above will start the Stripe Connect process:

  • if you already have a Stripe account, click on the Sign In link at top right and sign into your Stripe account

  • if you do not have a Stripe account, go through the simple sign up form and provide the information requested:

Once done, click on the Connect my Stripe Account button:

Once your Stripe account is connected, just click on the DONE button:

Property Manager adding your service to their Marketplace

Once your service is registered on the Hostfully Marketplace, it will show as one of the available services in the geographical area in which the property manager operates. If your business operates globally, or in a larger zone that the address for which you registered your business, please let us know and we'll adjust the geographical radius in which it is available.

As seen below, the property manager sees your business as one of the available ones in their marketplace, and selects it as a service to upsell with their rental:

Below is an example of the check-out flow, in which a traveler just bought a stay at the property listed in the shopping cart on the right column, and can now select a set of services to add to their trip. The Kayak Tour (which was selected above by the property manager) can now be selected by the traveler and will get included and paid by the traveler, along with their rental:

Once the purchase has been completed, the system will then notify the property manager, the service provider and the travel and provider a receipt by email. The Hostfully Platform will automatically pay the service provider, pay the property manager their commission and will retain 1% for facilitating the transaction.


If you are a service provider and work with more than one Hostfully property manager, please contact us at or via chat specifying the two property management accounts that you're working with so we can arrange two accounts for you as currently one service provider account can only be associated with one property manager account.

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