As a good portion of your booking come from channels such as Airbnb or VRBO-HomeAway, your guests do not have the opportunity, in these cases, to be exposed to your marketplace, which is hosted on the Hostfully portal.

This article explains how to email your marketplace link to your guest, and give you an opportunity to upsell your services regardless of the channel they come from.

Adding the Marketplace link to a custom template

  • From your Hostfully Template and Triggers section > Custom Templates, create a new template.
  • ¬†Add content that will introduce your marketplace, and provide the URL variable that will link to your marketplace: [$BOOK_SERVICES_URL$]

Create a Trigger to get this message sent to guests

Create a trigger to send this email when bookings are confirmed from guests coming from the channels you want:

When the booking is confirmed, the guest will receive the email you crafted, with a link to your Marketplace:

After clicking the marketplace link, the guest will have the option to buy extra tours and services you provided:

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