We have 3 options for payment processors. Please review the articles for setup instructions and contact these companies directly to confirm their fees and features. 

These three options can be used for direct bookings and channels that require/allow you to be the merchant of record (Vrbo/Booking.com). 

  1. Stripe (able to set on property level aka can connect multiple Stripe accounts and have a different Stripe account per property)

  2. Vacation Rent Payment (all or nothing. 1 VRP account to 1 Hostfully account for all properties)

  3. Paypal (able to set on property level). This option can be used for direct bookings. It can also be used for Vrbo and Booking.com payment processing, but not in the traditional sense. Please see the PayPal help article for more information.


You can connect to multiple payment processors (Stripe / PayPal) and use a different payment processor per property if you wish.

You can't connect more than 1 payment processor to a single property. For example, you can't connect a Stripe and PayPal account to a single property and have transactions for Vrbo use Stripe and transactions for Booking.com use PayPal

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