How do I contact you?

We have 2 main channels for support at Hostfully:

Email -
Chat - small chat icon on the bottom right side of your screen

When will you respond?

We offer 7 day support and usually respond within a couple hours. Our quickest channel to receive support on is chat.

How can I receive a faster more thorough response?

Please see below for tips on how to get a faster response: 

If you haven't already, please send us specific examples and details:

guest names
property names
booking channel
other useful info that will help us understand and replicate the issue 

By not providing these details, we will likely need to reply to your email asking for additional information which will slow down the resolution.  

We also ask that you please do not send this same question through our website chat. If you did already, it's OK, but please refrain from doing so in the future. When duplicate messages are sent there it slows down our entire Support team as we have to sift through duplicate cases. 

We recommend using the keyword search on our Help website as well: You may be able to find the answer to your question right away. We look forward to getting back to you soon. And we greatly appreciate your partnership as we work together to resolve your issue.

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