You can cancel a lead/reservation from the Hostfully interface for any channel you are integrated with except Airbnb and For Airbnb and you must login to their site to cancel a booking and once cancelled, the reservation will be removed from the calendar in Hostfully.

Vrbo, Direct, and Other Channels

Things to Check

The lead must be assigned to you in the dashboard. If another teammate has the lead assigned to them, they must cancel the booking or the lead needs to be reassigned to you first before you can take action.

If the booking is populating because of an iCal, it needs to be removed from the site where the booking is actually made. If the booking is not removed from the actual site, it will reappear on your calendar since the reservation still lives in the actual booking channel.

When a property is turned off for an OTA channel, meaning the connection between Hostfully and that OTA channel is broken, the relevant reservations are no longer able to be managed through the PMP. The reservations do still exist on the channel so the PM will need to manage the reservations through the channel directly.


Cancellations can be initiated by both the guest and the PM. Any refunds must be processed manually since you are the merchant of record and know the situation and your refund policy best.

PM Initiated

Here is what it looks like when the PM initiates the cancellation for a Vrbo reservation in Hostfully. Noticed there is a drop down to select if this was requested by the traveler or the PM and a text area to list the reason.

Guest Initiated

The guest is able to cancel the reservation from Vrbo. When this happens the lead in Hostfully turns to cancelled and an email is sent from Vrbo to the PM. We also recommend setting up a template and trigger in Hostfully as a backup.

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