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Setting up Dynamic Pricing

"Length of Stay" discount setting

If you have integrated with a (dynamic) pricing tool and the prices don't seem to match, it could be that:

1. The integration with the pricing tool is not completed

A few considerations to take into account with Dynamic Pricing Tools (DPT):
- The INTEGRATION with the DPT needs to be ON
- The LISTING needs to be turned ON under the specific DPT integration
- The CHANNEL needs to be turned ON
- The LISTING needs to be turned ON under the specific CHANNEL 

Often, having a call with the DPT representative is necessary to ensure everything is set up correctly on their end.

A change made within the DPT may already be reflected in Hostfully, but channels don't immediately "sweep" to receive price updates. It is often done no more than twice a day by the channels.

A 24 hrs waiting period may be necessary for prices to update. 

2. Length of stay discount setting is on

In the case of "Length of Stay" discount setting, please refer to the related help article for more details.

3. Airbnb Smart Pricing is on

It will affect the prices that you have in the dynamic pricing tool. Make sure to turn this off.

Please let us know after meeting these requirements if the pricing is still not reflected accurately, via email to or pop-up chat on the page's bottom.

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