Direct Bookings:

You can disable and enable instant bookings for direct bookings at the property level. It cannot be done at the account or channel level. You must have an integration with a payment processor to have these options show. Please see the screenshot below. You can toggle which booking option you would like.


There are some features on Airbnb that cannot be edited during the Hostfully integration or while connected to Hostfully. Booking preference (Instant Booking) is one of them.

Please set your booking preference before turning on the sync with Airbnb in Hostfully. If you need to change your booking preference, you will need to un-sync, make edits on Airbnb, and then re-sync.

Important Note - in order to connect to Airbnb via API, you must have instant book enabled. If you choose to disable instant book, you can only sync to Airbnb via iCal. This is a requirement from Airbnb.

Please see this article on Airbnb's cancellation policy for Instant Book Hosts. They are much more lenient on cancelling with no penalty for those hosts who use instant book.

One workaround is to still allow instant book, but only allow a subset of people to book using it. You can select this by using the Guest Requirements field on the Main Settings tab of the property.

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