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The Fees and Policies tab is mainly used to add specific fees to reservations across major channels. This can range from an extra tax, to a hot tub fee, it's really up to you. Standard fees such as cleaning fee and security deposit can be entered on the Main Settings tab of the property and not on this tab.

Note: Please be aware that Special offers on Airbnb are configured by the host so pricing rules will not apply, standard fees do not get added. Since the host is defining the price of reservation, it will be your responsibility to include these when they determine the rate they want to offer.

Note: It is your responsibility to ensure your fees are set up correctly and showing on the order. After setting up your fees, please do mock bookings on all channels to ensure they are showing how you expect them to. Syncing is not always immediate, so please expect a slight delay.

The Fees and Policies tab (seen below) is also used to update your cancellation policy for direct bookings and set house rules for direct and Airbnb listings. Below are the different topics covered in this help article:

  1. Setting up Fees

  2. Mapping Airbnb fees

  3. Hostfully fees

  4. Setting up Property Expectations

  5. Entering the Cancellation Policy

  6. Entering House Rules

Setting up Fees

Let's walk through creating a fee together:

  1. Name - this is the name of the fee you are creating

  2. Fee Value - this is the dollar amount or percentage amount of the fee

  3. Amount Type - this is where you select if the fee value is a percentage or dollar amount

  4. Mapping Types - you can choose to send this fee to different channels.

    1. To send the fee to a channel, chose the fee name that best represents it.

    2. To avoid sending it to a channel, leave the drop down for that channel blank.

    3. To comply with fee name requirements from the channels we limited choices in the drop downs. 

  5. Long-term Stay Exemption - Ability to exempt Airbnb pass-through taxes (not fees, see below in Mapping Airbnb Taxes) for long-term stay (from 13 nights)

  6. Scope - how often do you want to charge this fee?

  7. Tax rate - do you want to charge tax on the fee you are creating?

  8. is Optional

Here is an example:

I labeled it pool fee and assigned a value of $50 to it. I mapped to each channel with the best corresponding name I could find to represent it. I know my city charges 10% TOT tax on all revenue, so I taxed the fee 10%. It's not an optional fee and the scope is per stay.


  • Please refer to this article on Pet Fee for more details on the topic.

  • For items mapped to Vrbo as ‘TAX’, a taxation rate can't be applied on the tax, as they don't support tax for a tax. Therefore, the taxation rate on a tax should be included in the tax itself. Example: If the Tax is 12%, and the taxation rate on that tax is 12%, you should create a Vrbo Tax of 12%*(1+12%)= 13.44% instead.

Airbnb Fees

In order to streamline the guest experience, Airbnb limits line items in reservations by mapping the fees to the nightly rate or cleaning fee. For example, if your nightly price is $200 and you have a resort fee of $50 per stay, the per night rate for a 2 night reservation will be $225. If the same property had a 5 night reservation, the nightly rate would be $210. They spread the fee over all nights of the reservations. 


1. Airbnb only allows one fee per type. If you have, for example, 2 Management fees you'll see a warning message when you refresh the sync between Hostfully and Airbnb.

2. Generally, on Airbnb the fees can only be a flat fee per booking or a percentage per night. A flat fee per night is not supported and will be transferred to Airbnb as a flat fee per booking only. How they’re calculated:

Fee name

Available amount types


Resort fee

percent or flat amount

Displayed as part of nightly price.

Community fee

percent or flat amount

Displayed as part of nightly price.

Management fee

percent or flat amount

Displayed as part of nightly price.

Linen fee

flat amount

Displayed as part of cleaning fee.

Cleaning fee

flat amount

  • Max is 600 USD + 25% nightly price).

  • Min is 5 USD.

Displayed as part of cleaning fee.

Short-term cleaning fee

flat amount

Applies to 1-2 night reservations, must be less than the Cleaning fee.

Displayed as part of cleaning fee.

Pet fee (Not optional)

You must allow pets at your property's Amenities tab

flat amount

Only applied to reservations which include pets as guests.

Displayed as part of nightly price.

Security deposit

flat amount

Between 100 & 5000 USD.

Displayed as part of security deposit.

3. We only push non-optional fees to Airbnb. If you check the box "is optional" for the Airbnb fee, it will not show up there.

4. About cleaning fee. If you want to set a short term cleaning fee, you must create two fees, in the fees and policies tab. One for "Cleaning Fee" and another for "Short-term Cleaning Fee".

Summary on PMP's Cleaning fee being applied to Airbnb

Cleaning fee on Main Settings

(Long-term) Cleaning fee on Fees & Policies

Short- term cleaning fee on Fees & Policies

Displayed on Airbnb
















  • Long-term: 200

  • Short-term: 50

  • If there is only Cleaning fee ($100) on Main Settings tab, it will be used on Airbnb ($100)

  • With both Cleaning fee ($100) on Main Settings tab, and Cleaning fee ($200) for Airbnb here, the latter will be used for Airbnb. ($200)

  • If there are all 3, (plus Short-term one), the Long-term and Short-term will be displayed on Airbnb accordingly.

After setting up your fees, please do mock bookings to ensure they are showing how you expect them to in each channel. Syncing is not always immediate, so please expect a slight delay.

Host Service Fee

If you look at the order of a reservation in your Pipeline, at the end of the list of fees, you will see a line which is Host Service Fee. For example:

For Airbnb and Vrbo, we include it as a line item in the order and in our reporting but for, we don't do it. The reason is the host service fee is not part of the reservation, and invoices the PM monthly for all the host service fees incurred that month.

Airbnb Taxes

Airbnb collects and remits taxes for most jurisdictions (see here). If you happen to have rentals in an area where Airbnb does not perform this service, you will have the option to collect tax by creating a tax using the Airbnb Mapping Type drop down. These tax options in the pick-list will only appear after you toggle the property on in the Airbnb channel, while the standard fees are always there.

Note: Rental License Number is required for adding additional tax on Hostfully. You can find this field on Property Main setting.

If you are selecting a tax Airbnb mapping type, you cannot send that tax to the other channels and the option to do so will not exist. The other channel's mapping types will be grayed out.

Don't worry, the setup you did in main settings for tax rate and cleaning fee tax rate will not be sent to Airbnb. This is really just a workaround for those rare cases when Airbnb doesn't collect and remit taxes in your area. After setting up your taxes, please do mock bookings to ensure they are showing how you expect them to in each channel.

If you need to send a tax and want that tax to appear on reservations, but not after a certain stay duration (ex. 30+ days), you can enter the 30 in the Long Term Stay Exemption field.

Hostfully fees

Different from Airbnb and Vrbo fee calculations, percentage per night will be calculated as Rent x percentage x number of nights. For Airbnb and Vrbo, it is only Rent x percentage. Therefore, you'll want to set two fees if you'd like to collect the equivalent amount despite the channels:

  • Percentage per night mapped to Airbnb and Vrbo

  • Percentage per stay mapped to Hostfully

Setting up Property Expectations

This area within the Fees and Policies allows you to set up relevant expectations for property on Airbnb. There's a limit of 300 characters for the description so make sure you have necessary details within that limit.

Note: type "Animals" will automatically add a pre-note on the public listing by Airbnb as "May encounter potentially dangerous animals"

Note: for Surveillance, you need to add details to Surveillance amenity under property's Amenities tab as well.

The listing expectation settings should be translated into this Airbnb UI.

Entering the Cancellation Policy:

This is where you can enter your cancellation policy for direct bookings only. You can decide what the policy is and enter it in free text. It will show to the guest during the checkout process. 
Policies will be displayed when making the reservation (only descriptions are displayed at first)

Note: If you are wanting to set the cancellation policy for other channels please navigate to channels and click on manage this channel. The cancellation policy selector will be in the top right.

Entering the House Rules

This is where you can house rules for each property. You will want to add one rule at a time to keep correct formatting. Entering them all in at once will bunch the rules together. These rules will push to direct and Airbnb listings.

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