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Refunding security deposits

Sometimes a refund will need to be given to a guest. For instance, maybe you need to cancel the booking as the home will not be available anymore. The question is:

Will this be automatically done or do you need to manually do it?

It depends on the platform and the payment processor. If it is through, Vrbo or direct and you used Stripe as the payment processor, you will still need to provide the refund.  

You can do that from within Hostfully itself by editing the lead, clicking on "View Order" and scrolling down to the transactions (see screenshot).  We don't automatically do it, as there may be something about the cancellation policy that prevents a full / partial refund, so it needs to manually be done.  

If you are using VacationRentPayment, then you actually need to log in to VacationRentPayment and provide the refund from there.

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