Our account management system allows self-serve upgrades up to a subscription for 1000 guidebooks.

Each subscription tier will increase your allowed number of published guidebooks by 5.

You can follow these instructions to upgrade your account:

1. Log into your account at https://v2.hostfully.com

2. Click the icon in the top right

3. Choose "Manage Account"

4. On the page that loads you should see an "Upgrade Account" link on the right

5. This link should take you to either directly to the next subscription form, or in the case of users with access to 10+ guidebooks already, to a page where you can use a slider to select how many guidebooks you need access to (in batches of 5)

List of subscriptions, in ascending order:

(visit Guidebook Platform Pricing for more details)

- Individual

  • Premium (or Free-mium)

  • Power Host

- Business (naming purpose only, not necessarily mean actual business)

  • Prime

  • Prime Plus

  • Professional

Below are examples of next subscription form:

If you are at Premium, it will take you to Power Host

If you are at Power Host, it will take you to Prime

If you are at Prime, it will take you to Prime Plus

If you are at Prime Plus, it will take you to Professional (use slider for desired number of guidebooks)

6. Once you select one it'll take you to the appropriate upgrade form, and you can proceed accordingly to upgrade your Hostfully guidebook subscription.

7. In case you want to switch from Monthly to Annual subscription, you can toggle the switch at your current plan and proceed accordingly.

Hope it helps, and please let us know via popup chat on the bottom right or email to support@hostfully.com if you have any questions.

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