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Please read the below to understand what deleting or inactivating a property will do. It will not remove it from 3rd party listing sites.

Property Deletion / Deactivation Warning:

You are about to deactivate a property on the Hostfully platform. Your properties will still be live on any other channels you have set up. 

Please review the following implications of deactivating a property before continuing:

  • You are severing any Airbnb, Vrbo or other channel connections for this property to Hostfully

  • Please note: Your property on those channels will not be removed. Any calendar synchronization will not be functional. Reservations associated with this property may be removed. Your property will not be available on your Hostfully direct booking site or widget

  • When the connections between Hostfully and the OTA channels are broken, the relevant reservations are no longer able to be managed through the PMP. The reservations do still exist on the channel so the PM will need to manage the reservations through the channel directly.

  • We don’t delete associated triggers with the relevant property. However, the system will check and only fire triggers if the property is active, so no trigger/message will be sent in this case.

  • Your inactive properties still get counted as properties within your subscription plan. Example: 100 inactive listings require a subscription for 100 properties.

It is your responsibility to keep your calendars updated. If you are using iCals to synchronize your calendars, please note that there is sometimes a lag between changes on one platform and in Hostfully.


Deleting a property is final. Please ensure you no longer need any of the data associated with the property before deleting.

Note: you can't delete a property if it's still connected to an Airbnb listing.

1. Navigate to the main settings tab for that property.

2. In the bottom left corner of the page there will be an option to delete the property

3. If you would rather just make it inactive and not entirely delete it, please use the checkbox highlighted below


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