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You can do this both at the property level and the per night level.

Note: doesn’t allow specific granularity on check-in and check-out dates, and the check-in/check-out restrictions covered in this article are not applied for channel.

You may need to block the date off completely, which will work for both check-in and check-out restrictions for

Property level:

On the main settings tab of the property, there is a field for Only Check In on and a drop down to select the days of the week you wish to allow check-in. It defaults to no restrictions, but if you want to restrict some night, you can check the nights you do want to allow check-in.

There is not currently a field for Only Check Out on. You will need to do this at the per night level.

Per Night level:

Within the pricing tab of the property you can click on a date and the Set Your Daily Rate pop up will appear. You can check boxes to prevent check in or check out on that specific day.


If there is already a booking in place, on the Pricing tab, you will notice on the check-out date of that booking, the UI will be as below:

As there is already a check-out on that date, it will prevent an extra checkout.

In case you want to change the check-out date of the current booking, you can just edit the booking accordingly to reflect the change.

For more details, please refer to this help article Modifying a Reservation.

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