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There are 2 ways to view the details of an iCal: Google Calendar and Excel/Google Sheet.

First, get the iCal from Hostfully by navigating to Calendar Tools > Select the property and channel for the ical that you want to view > Copy the iCal link. You can retrieve the iCal from any other source knowing that the iCal file/link has the ending .ics

Use excel/Google Sheet:

  1. Paste the link into your browser or to your Google Calendar. It will save it as an .ics file

  2. Use to convert it to a .csv file. Open the .csv file by Excel/Google Sheet to view the details.

Use Google Calendar:

  1. Navigate to Other Calendars > click the + button > select From URL > paste the Ical link > Add Calendar

  2. Make sure the ICal is selected to be displayed.

Here's a quick screen-recording:

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