The Templates and Triggers system comes with powerful tools that will help you monitor the messaging activity that happens behind the scene, so you're always in control of you communication with guests, owners, service providers and staff.

1- Monitoring Scheduled Messages

The Templates and Triggers > Scheduled Messages section will allow you to see all the messages that have been scheduled to be sent by the system. Your can use the [Delete] option (option #1# below) to remove a scheduled message from the sending queue, if needed.

Note that the system will automatically un-schedule relevant messages in case of booking cancellations, and re-schedule the messages in case of relevant alterations to a reservation.  

2- Monitoring Sent Messages and Sent Failures

The Templates and Triggers > Message Log section will allow you to review all messages automatically sent by the system, whether they were System Templates or Custom Templates.  The Message Log provides the following options:

2.  Search for particular messages by name
3.  Search for particular messages by dates
4. Filter messages by Success or Failure status

The system will also provide explanation about failures when the occur, in the "Fail Info" column.

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