Below is how to integrate Operto access codes with Hostfully automated guest messaging.

From your Hostfully account:

  1. Log into your Hostfully dashboard

  2. Select Integrations from the drop-down menu

  3. Locate and select 'Operto' under the 'Integration Zone' and turn the toggle to 'on'

  4. Contact the Operto Team to let them know that you are ready to integrate your properties with them. For any questions, please email 

    1. For Operto's most updated hardware integrations, please check out this

To set up your Guest Messaging in your Hostfully account:

  1. Select 'Templates and Triggers' --> Choose the message used for guest confirmation or guest welcome emails

  2. Select 'Insert Variable' and choose 'Pincode' as seen on the illustration below.  Use the variable 'pincode' to insert the code into your check-in and pre-checkout instructions. Placing the number 1 before the variable string will embed the check-out code. 


  • A booking must be confirmed for the pincode fields to appear on the lead's Stay Details tab.

  • PINcodes are not necessarily generated immediately. Depending on the PINcode provider, there may be a delay. Hostfully’s Template and Trigger system will wait up to 3 hours for PINcodes to populate. If after 3 hours the PINcode is still not available then the message will fail.

  • The symbol like * or ✅ (if any) indicates what to enter on the keypad at the end.

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