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Activating the channel

Option 1: Request CVC code for all transactions.

If transactions are failing due to no CVC code, please first make sure you have followed the steps in the related article to request require CVC codes on all transactions. We require a CVC code to send the transaction to Stripe. Here is a help article from about CVC codes as well.

Option 2: Follow up on the failed bookings with failed payment via Pipeline

If you have requested the CVC code be required from, but it is still not appearing you will want to send the guest a payment request directly from the pipeline. 

Even if says they sent the CVC code, Hostfully cannot help obtain the CVC code since we do not save them for PCI compliance reasons.

Here is how to send a payment request from the pipeline. The guest can always check their credit card statement to verify they have not already been charged if needed:

This will take them through the Hostfully booking flow and allow you to receive the CVC code and process the payment.

Option 3: Turn off collecting Credit Card detail for reservations

That will allow the PMs to view the CC details in the Extranet, instead of sending over to Hostfully and the integrated payment processor.

For this option, please note that confirmed reservations from come unpaid, and PMs will need to process payments manually and mark reservations paid as needed. (instructions on lead management)

Please let us know if there are any questions via chat in the page's bottom, or via email to

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