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This article describes the use of Booking Discount Codes in the Hostfully Property Management Platform. Discount codes can be created by property managers and provided to guests in order to incentivise booking activity at particular periods in time.

Here's how to create and manage Booking Discount Codes:

  1. Select the Discount Codes menu

2. Click on Add Discount Code

3. Create a discount code:

  • Name: should only be letters and numbers (this is what you will send to prospective guests, so make it meaningful and easy to remember (this is a marketing tool above all!)

  • Select All Properties or a particular property the code will be redeemable for

  • Type: indicates whether the discount is a specific amount, or a percentage

  • Expiration Date: How long this code will be redeemable by a guest (note that this is independent of the date range of validity of the code). Use this date to create a sense of urgency in the booking process. For example, if you want to increase your revenue in the current month of June, create a code for the whole summer but have the code expire at the end of June, so that will force interested guests to book during the current month because they want to benefit from the deal.

  • Discount Amount: the amount of the discount to be granted

  • Validity Date Range: the booking dates for which the code can be valid. For example, if you want to increase bookings during low season, you might want to make your code valid only during that low season, so you don't lose revenue during high season when probability to book is higher.

    Note: the range doesn't include the Start and End dates.

Discount Code Display in the Booking Widget

Once your code is created, guests visiting your booking widget will see a Discount Code field appear at the bottom of the widget. Note that the field will only appear if a valid code is redeemable for this property.

Once the code is applied, the widget will automatically apply the discount amount to the total booking prices, as shown below:

Note that the system of record will show the discount code on the Order page or booking details pop-ups:

and in the Reports > Financial Reports / Extended Data Report, the code will be displayed if any

also in the Reports dropdown > Transactions tab. The Discount column will show the discount amount if any.

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