What is Nannybag?

Nannybag allows travelers to store their luggage in one of their 10,000+ partner shops, hotels, and restaurants, available in 500 cities and 40 countries. Nannybag provides travelers with safe and secure locations to store their luggage, for only $6 a day, with insurance of up to $1,000. Nannybag aims to eliminate unnecessary travel stressors like late check-ins and early check-outs! The integration through Hostfully is free of charge, non- binding, and completely hassle-free


✔Integration is free of charge

✔SIMPLE integration process: no need to register on a third-party website!

✔Add value to your guests stay and achieve 5-star reviews

✔Insurance included ($1,000) and locked with security seals

✔All partner luggage storage locations are vetted and secure

How to get started:

Step 1

Log in to your Hostfully account and find and turn on the Nannybag app under


Step 2

Use the custom variable [$NANNYBAG_LINK$] in your Hostfully auto messages to include a unique LuggageHero booking link. The link will automatically show your guests the luggage storage options closest to the apartment they have booked.

Pro tip:

Based on our data for when guests are searching for information about luggage storage we recommend having this message included on your check-in and check-out email templates:

“If you need a place to store your luggage before your check-in and after your check- out, you can use our partner, Nannybag. Click on the link below to book your luggage storage [$NANNYBAG_LINK$] ”

Nannybag can provide the above text in 5 other languages, send an email to contact@nannybag.com to receive the translations.

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