In Hostfully

First and foremost, go to your Integrations, then turn on integration button of TurnoverBnB

Then you can follow these steps below:

1- Go to your drop-down menu, click Agency Settings

2- Scroll down to Agency UID, highlight and copy the number

In TurnoverBnB

Note: Please make sure that you only use the integration between Hostfully and TurnoverBnB. If you already connect the Airbnb/VRBO calendar of a property with TurnoverBnB, you will need to remove the connection before connecting TurnoverBnB to that property in Hostfully.

1- After log-in, click Settings on the left, and under Settings click Integrations

2- Under Hostfully click Connect

3- Paste the Agency UID

4- Click Next:

5- Link listings by matching the Hostfully Listings with the TurnoverBnB Property

6- After you've matched all the names, Link all the listings at the bottom right

7- Check the Properties section to see if your properties have been imported

8- Click on Schedule, and under Schedule click the Schedule sub-header

9- Check that your bookings have been imported:

10- Click on Properties, and under each property, click the calendar tab, and check the box to connect your calendars from each property with Hostfully, then click update. Repeat this for each property

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