Sometimes you will want to change the price back to normal which is equal to nightly base rate that you set in "Main setting" of your property.

There are 2 methods to change it back to normal


Go to tab "Pricing" in your property, click to the date you want to change, modify the rate then save it


-You choose "Agency Setting", tab "Pricing Periods"

-Choose the period you want to reset the price, set the name and click "Save".

This is what it looks like after you set the Pricing Period:

-Go to the property, choose tab "Pricing". This is what it looks like before you reset:

-Click on "Click here to set your price for Agency Periods", then put in the nightly price that you want. Note: choose the correct Pricing period if you have many Periods. In here I chose "test" which is the one I made.

This is what it looks like after you reset:

You can learn more about Pricing Period here:

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