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Sometimes you will want to change the price back to normal which is equal to nightly base rate from property's Main Settings tab

There are 2 options to change it back to normal:

Option 1:

Go to property's Pricing tab in your property, click on the date you want to change, modify the rate then save it

Option 2:

From "Agency Setting", go to "Pricing Periods"

Choose the period you want to reset the price, set the name and click "Save".

This is what it looks like after you set the Pricing Period:

Go to the property's Pricing tab This is what it looks like before you reset:

Click on "Click here to set your price for Agency Periods", then put in the nightly price that you want. Note: choose the correct Pricing period if you have many Periods. In here I chose "test" which is the one I made.

This is what it looks like after you reset:

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