This is the easiest way to add properties to your Hostfully account. If you don't have properties on Airbnb, you can add properties to Hostfully by following this article.

Important Notes:

  1. Ensure your listings are set to "active" on Airbnb

  2. Ensure you are logged out of Airbnb on your browsers

  3. Importing properties does not mean you are now managing those properties on Hostfully. There is another step later to activate the Airbnb channel. We are simply pulling in property data during this stage to facilitate your Hostfully system set up.

  4. If you are coming over from another property management software or channel manager, please see this note. If you are new to using a property management software you can disregard the note.

  1. Importing Properties

  2. What data should I expect to import?

Importing Properties

See this video walkthrough starting at 1:38 to provide you a quick walk through before reading the rest of this help article.


  • If you import your properties from Airbnb, it will import the pricing and minimum night restrictions for each night on the calendar as it appears in Airbnb. The above video mentions it doesn't, but it has since been improved.

  • In the video, all Airbnb listings used to be imported but now, you can actually choose which listing(s) to import into Hostfully. That's an update from the video too. (more details below)

Login to the Hostfully Dashboard and go to your main drop-down tab:

Click on Properties and then Add Property

Click on or Import from Airbnb

Click connect with Airbnb:

Login to the account you wish to Airbnb connect to.

Once logged you will be able to select the properties you want to import if you don't want to import them all.

Once the import is complete you will receive an email from Hostfully similar to the below. The import is processed asynchronously as API quota rate limits allow. In other words, it doesn't all import at once and you'll need to be a little patient. Therefore, even if the property shows in the product, more information may still be on the way.

Don't disconnect Hostfully from Airbnb until you receive the email!!!

If you have properties on other Airbnb accounts, go ahead and follow the same process we just outlined for those as well.

What should I expect to import?

A lot of data will be pulled from Airbnb to create your property on Hostfully, but not everything. It is your responsibility to audit your property settings to ensure the property in Hostfully is set up correctly before going live.

The items below will be imported. This is broken down by the tabs on the property as shown below:

Main Settings

Instant Book Setting

Full Address

Base Guest


Bed Types

Booking Lead Time

Booking Window

Check In time end

Check In time start

Cleaning Fee




Extra Guest Fee



Main Image

Max Stay

Min Stay

Nightly Base Price


Beds in each room

Property Name

Property Type

Rental License Number

Security Deposit

Turnover Days


Public Name

Long Description







House Manual






Photo Order



Prices for next 3 years for each night

Minimum Stay Requirements for next 3 years for each night

Fees and Policies

Extra Fees (Community | Linen | Management | Resort)

Pass through taxes

*Any taxes Airbnb collects and remits on your behalf will show in the orders for your reservations, but not on the fees and policies tab. Airbnb will continue to collect and remit those for you. See here for more information.


Existing Airbnb review for the property

  • We won’t be importing tax ID.

  • Only some of the Booking Window options are available for Airbnb (while other options are available on other channels due to the channel settings): 3, 6, 9, 12 months; Unlimited. If you choose 18 or 24 months, on Airbnb it will be just 12 months.

  • In case you don't have access to the Airbnb listing owner account (aka the account that created and made the listing go live on Airbnb) because the listing belongs to an owner, you can first create an owner account, invite them to claim the account and import their properties from the owner's portal under "Airbnb Connect". More instructions can be found here.

  • The conversations with your Airbnb guests may be imported into your Hostfully Inbox during this process and that's normal. You can't respond to the imported threads as there's no connection officially established yet. (The import connection is a temporary one)
    (Please refer to our help resources on Activate Airbnb Channel and Hostfully Inbox for more details on the topics)

Now you're ready to audit your properties. Be sure and check the following before syncing with channels.

  1. Is your pricing fully imported and set up? See Pricing for configuring.

  2. Make sure to review the fees, taxes and other policies at Fees, Taxes and Policies

  3. Have you gone through each property tab to make sure the data is correct?

Yes to all the above? Go ahead and go back to channels and sync!

Note: For clients transitioning from another property management software

If you are currently connected to another property management (PMS) or channel manager (CM) application you'll need to briefly disconnect Airbnb from that software to connect Hostfully. An Airbnb account can only be connected to a single PMS or CM at a time.

Before briefly disconnecting your current PMS to connect Hostfully, you should understand how to reconnect your current PMS after you finish the import if you plan to continue using their service until you go live with Hostfully. We recommend reaching out to them if you are unsure how to do this.

Once you know the process to reconnect, log into your Airbnb account > click on the profile photo > Account > Privacy and Sharing > Sharing > Connected apps and "Remove access" for the app that's not being used and follow the connection instructions above. Once the import is complete and you receive a confirmation email from Hostfully (as shown above), you are ready to reconnect your current PMS. Don't disconnect Hostfully before you receive the email or you may not import all property information.

Please let us know if you have any question via pop-up chat on the page's bottom, or via email to

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