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This setting is important to get your agency details up and correct. There are also fields that serve as the master control for all of your properties, that are not available to edit on the property level.

You can find the Agency Setting under your agency name's dropdown, and you will land on the Agency's Main Settings tab.

1. Basic details

The left side of the above image is for the agency's basic details. The fields with a red asterisk are required so they can't be left empty.

For setting up the "Company Logo URL", and also for managing your custom branding, you can refer to this article.

These fields also provide inputs for the variables in Templates & Triggers. You can refer to this article, section "Translating your system templates" for more details.

2. The Team - Permissions & Roles

The checkbox at the bottom and "The Team" space is where you manage the roles and accesses for your team and you. Here is a detailed article about setting this up.

3. Booking Setting

The next part is settings for your booking, mostly on Hostfully's Direct Booking Site, with an exception of "Minimum Renter's Age" for Vrbo. You can tell it by the small channel logo to the right of the input field.

Here is a detailed article on the Hostfully's Direct Booking Site, where the above settings can affect.

Also, for Hostfully Channel's Security Deposit, there are 2 options as in the above image:

  • Due at Booking Time: included in booking's Total amount and payment link

  • Due at Check-in Time: excluded from booking's Total amount, and payment link. PM needs to collect it manually.

4. Other Settings

For the Hostfully API key, you can check out the resources here, or email if there are any questions.

The last area offers many options with their own documentation so you can easily refer to them for further information.

As always, please feel free to send us feedback and questions to

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