Step 1: Your First Assignment (Before your kickoff call)

  1. Set up your agency settings

  2. Add your properties to the system

  3. Create accounts for any channel or integration partners you wish to use

  4. Enable a payment processor in Hostfully

Step 2: Configuring Pricing

Now that you have your properties in the system, the next step will be to update the pricing. Once you configure pricing in Hostfully and sync to the bookings channels, Hostfully becomes your source of truth for all data. In the future, you'll make any changes in the Hostfully system and we will push that data to the bookings channels for you. But first, you need to get that data into the system! You have two choices:

Dynamic Pricer

Use dynamic pricing software like Price Labs or Beyond Pricing to set up pricing with Hostfully. Here are the dynamic pricing software platforms that we integrate with:

Price Labs

Beyond Pricing



Manual Pricing

If you don't want to use pricing software you can also manually configure pricing in Hostfully.

How to Manually Configure Pricing

Video Walkthrough: Configuring pricing

Step 3: Add Your Existing Reservations

Before syncing any channels, you'll want to make sure your existing reservations are in the system so you don't get double bookings.

If you have any Airbnb reservations, you do not have to enter those, they will sync automatically. If you have any current outstanding reservations that are direct bookings or located on channels other than Airbnb, you will need to manually enter reservations.

Video Walkthrough: Add your calendar reservations

Step 4. Automatic Messaging (Bonus)

If you want to set up automatic messaging, you can do this before syncing booking channels. However, you do not have to do this before syncing. If you want to sync first and create messaging later, feel free to do it this way also!

How to set up automatic messaging

Video Walkthrough: Setting up templates and triggers

Step 5: Setting Up the Bookings Channels

We integrate with a number of bookings channels.

Please make sure you have taken the following actions before syncing.

  1. Imported all properties.

  2. Configured pricing on all properties.

  3. Integrated payment processor.

  4. Entered all non-Airbnb reservations.

Then you can sync with any of these channels following the linked directions.





Video Walkthrough: Syncing booking channels

Last but not least, check out the rest Onboarding walkthrough videos HERE.

If you have any questions, please contact your Onboarding Specialist or our customer support department at

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