It's a good idea to have a system in place to remind your upcoming guests that there's a balance due.

Our guest-centric Pipeline allows you to sort bookings by arrival date, and filter by additional criteria (for example: only bookings).

Based on the colors of circles on the Pipeline you can see who hasn't paid in full:

Orange circle: booking not paid in full. Payment isn't due.

Red circle: booking not paid in full. Payment overdue.

In either case, hover over the circle and see an option to (re)send a payment request via email to your guest.

Check the Pipeline regularly - sort by arrival date - and make sure you only see green or orange. Otherwise, follow up!

Other ideas:

Send an automated email to yourself with a custom template and trigger with upcoming reservation details, including breakdown fees like [$ORDER_BALANCE$].

The Custom Template (in this example we called it "Balance Status"), can contain something like this:

​The Custom Trigger can look like this:

If any of the automated email you receive indicates that your guest has a balance > 0, you can manually follow up with a balance payment request from the Pipeline

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