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There are two areas of the product to set up check-in and check-out times.

  1. Agency level

  2. Property level

Agency Setting: Default Check In-Check Out time

This time set up here will populate as the default when creating a new property. This helps reduce manual data entry when creating many properties.

Property Setting: Customized Check In and Check Out time per property

The Check In and Check Out time on the "Main Settings" tab of each property is for that property only. You'll notice it starts as the default set in the example above, but can be customized if needed.


  • Check In-Check Out time set is the local time of each specific property.

For Airbnb:

  • If Airbnb Flexible check in box is not chosen, checkin start time - end time will be displayed. For example: Check-in starts at 4pm and end flexible will show as:

  • If Airbnb Flexible check in box is chosen, the Airbnb Check-in field above will just be Flexible.

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