The Hostfully Platform allows vacation rental managers to include external listing agents (or "Third Party Agencies") as part of their extended team and advertise their listings. The first version of this feature also provides a way to advertise the listings on Vrbo as a separate Vrbo account. We'll go though the set up steps next.

1. Creating new Third Party Agency

In order to create a Third Party Agency, open the settings menu and click on the Third Party Agency menu item. Once the page appears, click the button Add a Third Party Agency:

Provide the details to create the Third Party Agency:

Note: Each Third-Party Agent will need to complete onboarding with Vrbo.

2. Assigning a property to a Third Party Agent

Once you've created at least one Third Party Agency, a new control will appear on each Property Edit page, the "Listed By" selector. This allows you to specify that this specific property is a listing provided by this external listing agency:

3. Handling for the Vrbo channel as a separate advertiser

Once you've attributed the listing, you can have this listing(s) be handled on Vrbo as listed by a separate "advertiser". This will result in a new property being created in the Agent's Vrbo account. Reviews will not automatically be transferred. Simply turn on the listing on Vrbo and the system will automatically instruct Vrbo to list those properties under another Vrbo account instead of your own.

4. Do you need to contact Vrbo?

If you have not yet turned on the integration with Vrbo. Please follow this help article to complete that step. You will need to work with them directly to establish the API connection and you must setup a payment processor. If you have already done this, there is no further action needed.

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