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The Hostfully Platform allows vacation rental managers to include external listing agents (or "Third Party Agencies") as part of their extended team and advertise their listings.

Just like we allow you to connect multiple Airbnb accounts, we allow you to connect multiple Vrbo accounts. This helps PMs who do not want to consolidate their listings into one main Vrbo account. We'll go through the setup steps next.

1. Creating a new Third Party Agency

In order to create a Third Party Agency, open the settings menu and click on the Third Party Agency menu item. Once the page appears, click the button Add a Third Party Agency:

Provide the details to create the Third Party Agency. These are the details of the person who owns the Vrbo account you are connecting from Vrbo to Hostfully.

  • The legacy Commission Rate field below can be ignored. It's a blank field and not mapped to Vrbo.

2. Assigning a property to a Third Party Agent

Once you've created at least one Third Party Agency, a new control will appear on each Property Edit page, the "Listed By" selector. This allows you to specify that this specific property is a listing provided by this external listing agency. It only applies to Vrbo:

3. Turn on the property in the Vrbo channel:

Please navigate to the channels section of the website, turn on the channel (if not already turned on) and click manage this channel:

Toggle ON the properties you want to advertise under this 3rd party agent. This will allow Vrbo to see them in the feed.

4. Contact Vrbo to start the activation project

You must complete an onboarding project with Vrbo for each agency. Please follow this flow to initiate the project.


You will need the credentials to the Vrbo account you are connecting to.

Vrbo will ask for your advertiser ID. This can be found in the Third Party Agency section of Hostfully under each third party agent. Below is an example:

After you complete the onboarding self service flow, you will arrive at this page:

Vrbo will be in contact within 3 business days to help with next steps.

5. Adding more properties to this advertiser

Once you complete the onboarding process with Vrbo for this advertiser, you can add more properties at any time and they will show in the Vrbo feed for this account automatically. You will not need to complete an onboarding project each time.

If you are adding a new third party, you will need to complete a new activation project with Vrbo following the steps above. An activation project is required for every 3rd party.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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