Turnover Days function allows users to set up the day gap between 2 reservations and preventing reservation on those dates.


  • Turnover day is only applying for "reservation" and not apply for manual "block".
    If it’s a block, users can just take the turnover day into account.

    Why we have this function: Property Managers need time to clean their properties/maintenance,... etc

  • Turnover day is inclusive of the day it was set on.

    Let’s take Jan 1 as the date of checkout.

    If turnover = 0, Jan 1 open to new checkin (same day)
    If turnover = 1, Jan 2 open to new checkin (next day)
    If turnover = 2, Jan 3 open to new checkin (next 2 days)

Hope it helps, and please let us know if you have further questions via pop-up chat on the right bottom, or via email to support@hostfully.com.

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