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Invoice Payment Methods on Vrbo (formerly known as HomeAway) allow you to bill guests after they complete the booking on Vrbo rather than having the payment processor immediately charge the traveler. This can be useful if you are in a region that isn’t supported by our Payment Processors or if you would like guests to pay using non-credit card payment methods. Vrbo may also not directly support the Payment Method you choose to use (direct debit, SEPA, etc).

Invoice Payment methods can replace the Payment Processor configuration or can be used in addition. If both are configured, the guest will be able to choose which method they prefer at Vrbo checkout time (see below).

If you are not using a Payment Processor compatible with the Vrbo integration (VRP or Stripe), you must have invoice payment methods selected. You can configure which Invoice Payment Methods you support on the Channels > Vrbo page:

After clicking on this link, you will be able to see which invoice payment methods are currently configured and make changes:


  • Edit only allows you to change the note associated with an existing invoice payment method.

  • Only one type of any Invoice Payment Method is allowed. For example, you are not allowed to have 2 "Bank Transfer" options.

If you have invoice payment methods configured, Vrbo travelers will now see a Bill Me option at checkout. If you also have a Payment Processor setup, the traveler will see both Credit Card and Bill Me options and the traveler will be able to choose. If you do not have a Payment Processor setup, the traveler will only have the Bill Me option.

Here is a video recording of the booking flow for Bill Me from the guest's point of view. The guest first pays the service fee to VRBO on VRBO listing page > the reservation comes to your Hostfully platform > you send the payment link from Hostfully to the guest to collect the payment.

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