Have you ever clicked on the booking in Pipeline or Calendar then look at the field on right side and wonder: How and where does this information get entered by the guests? This article will show you the way to get it from guests.

Information in that field is optional and will be provided by some channels (if guests fill it out). The best way to collect those information for all platforms is creating a custom field in Pre-arrival form to require guests to fill it out. Below is the instruction step by step.

1. Go to Agency Settings, scroll down and check the box as below:

2. Creating Pre-arrival form with information that you want to collect. You can take a look at this article for instruction : https://help.hostfully.com/en/articles/3000205-customizing-the-pre-arrival-form

3. After getting booking from guest, you can click on that booking in Pipeline or Calendar, select tab Stay Details. Information that guests fill out in Pre-arrival form will be there. You can copy it and paste it to the field in Client Information.

Note: For Airbnb, sometimes you don't need to create Pre-arrival form to collect information. If guests fill out their information when they book, our API can fill those in automatically.

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