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Hostfully features a simple listing channel where property managers can send their guests to make reservation for their rentals, and benefit from commission-free booking revenue. Hostfully does not charge commission on direct bookings. This article will show you how to activate this channel and set up the booking flow that works for you, based on your business preferences.

Step 1: Make sure a payment processor has been chosen and integrated.

Step 2: Activate the channel

The first step is to enable the channel: head to the Channels page and toggle on the Hostfully channel (1st arrow). Once you activate the channel, the Manage this Channel page appears. Click on it (2nd arrow) to get the the Hostfully channel management page:

Step 3: Toggle ON the properties to list

On the Hostfully channel management page, toggle on the properties you want to show on the channel. You may use the Activate All toggle to activate all properties at once:

Once enabled, the properties appear on your company listing page where guests may search for them. To get the URL of your direct listing site, go to Agency Settings, scroll to the bottom of the page and copy the link:

Alternatively, you can find your page URL on the White Labeling tab. To learn more about white labeling please see this article.

NOTE: we will be supporting two versions of the direct booking site temporarily. You’ll see v1 in the URL above or v2. The v2 version is our enhanced and updated version. To start using v2 version, go to Agency Setting > Direct Booking Website tab and turn the toggle to Yes.

This is how your v2 direct booking homepage appears to guests. To customize this and make this page your own, please see the white labeling article.

Here is what the individual property pages look like:

Each property has its own details page that features:

  • Photos and if Matterport or Truplace is enabled, the page will show the 3D Walkthrough.

  • Overview and description of the property

  • List of all the amenities

  • Availability calendar with either an inquiry or booking form (depending on your settings in Step 4 below)

  • Google Map of the property and area

  • List of guest reviews

Step 4: Choose a Booking Setting

Please refer to this article on supported Booking Settings.


To edit the "From $" display, under your Agency Settings > go to Direct Booking Website tab, and tick / untick the last box as below to show / hide it.

  • If the last box is not selected:

    • BEFORE the dates are entered, "From $" price (in above screenshot) will be the nightly base price from main settings.

      AFTER dates are entered, the price will be calculated based on the nightly rates of the input nights.

  • If the last box is selected, "From $" will be hidden before dates are selected. AFTER dates are entered, the price will be calculated based on the nightly rates of the input nights.

Step 5 (optional): Bring guest traffic by enabling meta search channels

Hostfully provides a free integration with several metasearch engines. These sites connect to the Hostfully API, get your listing data and syndicate it on their meta search engine. They are very easy to setup. When a guest on their site clicks on your listing, they will be send to the Hostfully listing page, where they can then book your rental. For more information about these channels and how they interact with Hostfully, please see this article.

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