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To take advantage of this feature, follow these steps:​

Under the "Custom Templates" tab, click on "Create a template":

Create the message with the auto-response you want to send out when you receive an Airbnb Booking Request.

Go to the "Triggers" tab, then click on "Create a new trigger".

Under "Trigger name", enter the trigger name.​
Under "When this event happens" choose "Booking request",
Under If these conditions are met, select "+ Add condition"

  • In "Choose field" box, select "Channel is", and then "Airbnb"

Under "Then do this" select "Send Airbnb Message".

At the very end, select the name of the email template that you have or created in the steps above, then click "Save".

When you receive an Airbnb Inquiry or Booking Request the message will be sent to your guest on Airbnb.

If you have any questions, we are a message away from the pop-up chat on the right bottom, or an email away from

Note: Please be aware that when an inquiry comes to the Dashboard, there will be first name only, and no last name. Airbnb would not share the guest last name when the reservation is not confirmed. You can find the inquiry in the Inbox with the filter Relevant and reply directly there

and how Airbnb inquiry looks on the Pipeline. The only action available is to respond to the inquiry via Hostfully Inbox.

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