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Using machine learning and behavioral analysis, Autohost creates a scalable process to review all of your guests and keep your properties safe. Autohost automates ID verifications, credit and background checks, security deposits and more, helping you improve your guest experience and acquire more units without growing your headcount.

When you integrate Autohost with your Hostfully account, your guests are invited to “confirm their reservation” through a dedicated online check-in portal, where they must successfully pass through a series of verifications.

To get a better understanding of the verification process, from booking confirmation to check-in, take a look at this Autohost process flow chart.

The Hostfully-Autohost integration will consist of the following:

  • Setup on the Hostfully PMP (account integration and Messaging)

  • Setup on Autohost (settings and preferences)

This guide will lead you through setup in Hostfully, while your account manager will help you with settings and preferences in Autohost.

If you want to know more about Autohost, download this PDF or check out the website.

Setup via Hostfully

Setup on the Hostfully PMP consists of 2 parts:

  1. Integrate (connect your account)

  2. Set up messaging

Integrating your Autohost account:

  1. Enable Autohost via Hostfully’s Integrations page:

2. To set up and connect your new Autohost account, follow this link. Check the box under Hostfully’s logo and click to continue.

3. You’ll be asked to enter your Agency UID key, which you can find in your Hostfully account under Agency Settings (scroll to the very bottom of the page to find the Agency UID). (instructions here)

4. Afterwards, you’ll be led through basic account setup: entering your company name and contact information, setting your risk tolerance, adding your billing details, etc.

Setting up Autohost’s automated messaging:

As of right now, you're sending messages directly to the guest (Hostfully → Guest). Going forward, some relevant messages will be going through Autohost Stargate (Hostfully → AH Stargate → Guest) ensuring the right conditions are met before the messages are released to the guest.

This next section will go over Autohost Stargate and how to set this up:

Understanding Autohost Stargate:

Autohost Stargate is an email relay system that integrates with Hostfully. It allows for the guest verification results from Autohost to work hand in hand with your messaging flow. Stargate uses verification-dependent filters to trigger (or hold back) specific messages, i.e. check-in instructions or house manuals.

For a better understanding of the messaging flow, check out this messaging flow chart.

Messaging setup on Hostfully will consist of 3 steps:

  1. Setting up ‘Autohost Stargate’ as a team member

  2. Creating 5 custom templates

  3. Setting up 5 triggers for the created templates with the recipient set to ‘Autohost Stargate’

How to do this: ☝️

1. In Hostfully, add “AH Stargate” as a team member:

Note: After setting up Stargate as a “team member”, you’ll send your messages directly to a dedicated email address provided by Autohost. That way, messages will pass through Stargate, being released to the guest only if the right conditions are met, i.e. the guest has been verified.

a. Under Agency Settings, click to “invite team members”.

b. Send invite to your dedicated Stargate email address, which you can find in your Autohost account under Settings > Stargate:

c. Your Autohost Account Manager will approve AH Stargate as a “user” on our end and set the password for login to be AHStargate123.

d. Once you receive confirmation from your Autohost Account Manager, log into Hostfully as AH Stargate using your dedicated email address and the password provided. You’ll now be able to see the new user (the AH Stargate email address) under your “team”.

e. Click on your profile photo in the top right corner of the screen to edit your account details.

f. For convenience, change the name to be “AH Stargate”.

2. Create the following five templates to start your messaging flow:

At this point, you can go ahead and create the following ‘placeholder’ templates.

Please note: The suggested text for these templates will be provided to you during setup by your Autohost Account Manager.

a. Booking confirmation
Using a dedicated link, this message will invite the guest to complete the Guest Portal.

b. Reminder 1
Shortly after booking confirmation, the guest will receive a “friendly reminder” to complete the Guest Portal.

c. Reminder 2
Closer to the check-in date, if the guest still hasn’t completed the Guest Portal, they will receive another reminder.

d. Reminder 3

If the guest is checking in soon and still hasn’t completed the Guest Portal, they will receive an “urgent reminder”.

e. Check-in instructions

Once the guest has been verified by Autohost, they will receive their check-in instructions.

3. Create message triggers for each template to determine when the message will send to AH Stargate.

a. We recommend setting up triggers for time-based events, i.e. the message sends to AH Stargate 2 days before stay starts.

b. For help with Hostfully triggers, check out this article.

Next steps:

That’s it for now! You have successfully integrated Autohost and Hostfully. The rest will be set up in Autohost before you enable your listings. A dedicated Autohost Account Manager will be in touch to help you get this started.

In case there is any issue with the integration, please reach out to us at support@autohost.ai for assistance.

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