What is Paypal

PayPal Commerce Platform delivers a complete payments platform with the global scale and flexibility your business needs to stay competitive. With this payment processor, Hostfully collects 1% of the transactions made to offset development cost, in addition to any fee Paypal may charge.

Paypal works a bit different for Booking.com and Vrbo:

Vrbo - the invoice payment method is needed to use PayPal with Vrbo

Booking.com - you will need to ask Hostfully support to not automatically pull the payment information into Hostfully. This can be done on a per property basis or for all your properties. This will allow you to see the credit card details in Booking.com and enter the payment for the guest in the payment link within the lead in Hostfully.

How to activate

Activate PayPal in the Hostfully Integration Zone as a Payment Processor

You will be redirected to PayPal to sign into your business account.

If you do not have a PayPal Business Account, you will be prompted to create one.

Once logged in to PayPal, you will need to grant access permissions to Hostfully, and if successful, will be redirected back to Hostfully.

Note: at the moment, you can only connect one PayPal account to Hostfully PMP.

You will now see the PayPal integration turned on in Hostfully.

You then can go to the Settings link beside the ON toggle to activate PayPal for the desired property / properties.

Some use cases

1. Split payments

- There is a 29-day period from the authorization creation day.

  • After the 29-day authorization period has past, a new Authorization would be required for a second payment and the guest needs to go through PayPal payment screens to approve the new Authorization.

  • Within the 29-day authorization period, you have below options to charge:

+ Less than the original authorization

+ Full authorization amount

+ More than the authorization amount (up to 115% of the original authorization or up to $75 USD, whichever is less).

Example: you could make an Authorization for $100 today. Then, you could capture $20 of that amount on day one. Then, before the 29th day from today, you could do another capture for $80.

2. Currency conversion fee

PayPal will charge a conversion fee:

  • On guests / bookers, when their currencies are different from listed currencies of the vacation rentals.

  • On vacation rental managers / owners when the listed currencies is not local currencies, and they want to deposit PayPal funds to local bank account.


- Property is in Vietnam, VND is not supported on PayPal,

- Nightly price should be represented in USD, seller (PM) wallet should be USD,

- Guest is from Europe and pays with Paypal, their Paypal wallet is EUR, guest is charged conversion fee from EUR to USD,

- Property manager might be charged a currency conversion fee by their bank for depositing USD from Paypal to their Vietnamese bank.

3. Extra added fee & how to collect it

Scenario 1: the initial payment is 100% - full reservation amount.

- Since the guest was charged and funds were transferred for the full amount, then that order is considered to be completed and nothing can be added to it after that.

- In this case the guest would need to have a new order created and go through the PayPal payment screens for this new amount (the $100 airport pickup). This would be considered a separate transaction, so you should add a note in the Line Item Details to denote this transaction is an add-on to the previous reservation.

Scenario 2: the initial payment is not 100%, and there is another due balance payment.

There is a 29-day period from the authorization creation day.

  • If within the authorization period, AND the extra added fee is either up to 115% of the original authorization amount or up to US$75, whichever is less, PMs can just go ahead and process it.

  • If outside the 29-day authorization period, OR the amount is going to be higher than the limits outlined above, PMs will need to create a new order for the added items (the extra days and/or airport transportation) and have the guest log into their PayPal account to approve this new order.

4. Refunds & Chargebacks

  • Refunds: (Paypal keeps the transaction fee)

+ Consumer can directly request a refund from the merchant, or

+ Merchant can issue the refund to the customer via PayPal, or directly within PMP's Lead's View Order page.

  • Chargebacks:

This is a process where merchant and customer have opportunity to settle via negotiation first.

+ If they don’t resolve then the consumer files a complaint. The merchant has to provide evidence and Paypal provides final decision.

+ Merchants pay a $20 fee for a chargeback in the US (this could be different per country)

Supported Countries and Currencies

Countries supported by PayPal on Hostfully

DZ: Algeria
BW: Botswana
EG: Egypt
KE: Kenya
LS: Lesotho
MW: Malawi
MU: Mauritius
MA: Morocco
MZ: Mozambique
CG: Congo
RE: Reunion
SN: Senegal
SC: Seychelles
ZA: South Africa
TN: Tunisia
AG: Antigua and Barbuda
AR: Argentina
BS: Bahamas
BB: Barbados
BZ: Belize
BM: Bermuda
BO: Bolivia
BR: Brazil
CA: Canada
KY: Cayman Islands
CL: Chile
CO: Colombia
CR: Costa Rica
DM: Dominica
DO: Dominican Republic
EC: Ecuador
SV: El Salvador
GF: French Guiana
GL: Greenland
GD: Grenada
GP: Guadeloupe
GT: Guatemala
HN: Honduras
JM: Jamaica
MQ: Martinique
MX: Mexico
NI: Nicaragua
PA: Panama
PE: Peru
KN: Saint Kitts
LC: Saint Lucia
VC: Saint Vincent
TT: Trinidad and Tobago
TC: Turks and Caicos Islands
US: United States
UY: Uruguay
VE: Venezuela
AU: Australia
BH: Bahrain
CN: China
FJ: Fiji
PF: French Polynesia
HK: Hong Kong
IN: India
ID: Indonesia
IL: Israel
JP: Japan
JO: Jordan
KZ: Kazakhstan
KW: Kuwait
MY: Malaysia
NC: New Caledonia
NZ: New Zealand
OM: Oman
PW: Palau
PH: Philippines
QA: Qatar
SA: Saudi Arabia
SG: Singapore
KR: South Korea
TW: Taiwan
TO: Tonga
TM: Turkmenistan
TV: Tuvalu
AE: United Arab Emirates
VN: Vietnam
AL: Albania
AD: Andorra
AT: Austria
BE: Belgium
BA: Bosnia
BG: Bulgaria
HR: Croatia
CY: Cyprus
CZ: Czech Republic
DK: Denmark
EE: Estonia
FO: Faroe Islands
FI: Finland
FR: France
GE: Georgia
DE: Germany
GI: Gibraltar
GR: Greece
HU: Hungary
IS: Iceland
IE: Ireland
IT: Italy
LV: Latvia
LI: Liechtenstein
LT: Lithuania
LU: Luxembourg
MT: Malta
MD: Moldova
MC: Monaco
ME: Montenegro
NL: Netherlands
NO: Norway
PL: Poland
PT: Portugal
RO: Romania
RU: Russian Federation
SM: San Marino
RS: Serbia
SK: Slovakia
SI: Slovenia
ES: Spain
SE: Sweden
CH: Switzerland
GB: United Kingdom

Supported Currencies

The rental agencies (sellers) can maintain balance in their PayPal accounts in one or more of the following currencies (see bulleted list below). When the currency of payment, buyer's PayPal account currency, and seller's balance currency match, no one pays cross border fees. For example, if a German customer with EUR PayPal account books a rental with a Vietnamese rental agency maintaining balance in EUR, and the payment is processed in EUR, there are no cross-border (exchange) fees.

  • US Dollar

  • Australian Dollar

  • Canadian Dollar

  • Swiss Franc

  • Czech Koruna

  • Danish Krone

  • Euro

  • British Pound

  • Hong Kong Dollar

  • Hungary Forint

  • Israeli New Shekel

  • Japanese Yen

  • Mexican Peso

  • Norwegian Krone

  • New Zealand Dollar

  • Philippine Peso

  • Polish Zloty

  • Russian Ruble

  • Swedish Krona

  • Singapore Dollar

  • Thailand Baht

  • New Taiwan Dollar

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