About PointCentral

PointCentral, a subsidiary of Alarm.com (Nasdaq: ALRM), provides short term property managers with a full suite of smart property solutions.

The PointCentral platform monitors and controls rent by owner and professional vacation rental properties throughout North America over a secure and reliable cellular network.

With one of the largest smart property technology deployments in the world, PointCentral helps property managers and owners achieve operational efficiencies, improve asset protection and enhance resident amenities.

For the most updated PointCentral's supported hardware (lock) integration, please visit this page: https://www.pointcentral.com/compatible-hardware/

What does the integration do?

The integration exchanges information between PointCentral and Hostfully to streamline guest code creation. Once a reservation is made in Hostfully, this will prompt PointCentral to create a user code for the guest. The User Code is then returned to the Hostfully.

You can also refer to this PointCentral guide on the integration, which will be accessible to active PointCentral customers with a PointCentral login.


You will need an active PointCentral account and at least one activated PointCentral smart lock to use the integration.

Sign up for a demo with them here: https://www.pointcentral.com/form-2/

On Hostfully PMP

From Agency dropdown, go to Integrations > Smart Home section

Once you toggle ON for PointCentral, you will be prompted to log in with above prepared credentials

And if it's correct, the integration is ON for PointCentral

You can go to the Setting button for property-level setting. There you can choose the lock for your property.


  1. With this setup, PointCentral will automatically create pin codes for each guest when a booking is paid in full (regardless of channels) for the properties mapped to PointCentral.

  2. The integration would work for the bookings which are made after activating date. For the booking before activating day, you need to save the leads manually to get the pin code generates in time.

  3. The pin codes are valid for the duration of the stay, (activated at check-in time and deactivated at check-out time)

  4. Pincodes will be random 6-digit codes.

  5. Lead details only apply to check-in/out DATES, not times. We don’t currently have a way to send times from the Lead details to the lock providers.

  6. A symbol like * or ✅ (if any) indicates what to enter on the keypad at the end.

As always, please feel free to send us your feedback and questions to support@hostfully.com.

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